Here kid. Use MY favorite toys!

So lately I’ve been wondering what topic to breach as the frenzied and frenetic father.  I brainstormed a few ideas and landed on things such as the limp noodle toddler, becoming your own parents, and sharing your old toys with your kids.

It’s the last one that really held on for this post.  So here goes:

I’m a nerd.  I like toys and puzzles.  Comics and video games.  I have stuff when from when I was younger tucked away to be shared with my own children.  I’m not talking special edition mint packaging SEALED action figures from the 70s and 80s.  I mean toys that I LOVED to play with.  Things that stood the battle tests, didn’t break down and were still found in my parents basement years later.

Now is the time to dust them off and start introducing them to my children.   My oldest is just 2 years old and my youngest is 8 months.  These two boys will be educated in the way of classic toys.  If they let me.

With the advent of smartphones it seems that just about everything has to be digitized, electronic, and motion activated.  Will my Lincoln Logs, Construx, Hot Wheels/Matchbox Cars, and Duplos hold up against the competition?  Well if you ask me, and others my age, you’ll probably get a resounding yes.  What I want to know is will it work with my sons?

My oldest son is some sort of dexterous prodigy and well frankly I think he can handle the likes of many of the great building set toys.  It may be a few more years but I know I scored an Erector set of my dad’s when I was little and it led me to a devotion to Legos that I still have today.

I want critical thinkers and problem solvers.  Millenials are being called the “Do it for me” generation and I just can’t imagine my sons having to be tagged in that category.  Let’s get out the physical paper books, and out come the Duplos and building blocks.  Away with the battery operated stuff.

It’s time to play.

depth of field photography of p l a y wooden letter decors on top of beige wooden surface
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One thought on “Here kid. Use MY favorite toys!

  1. I totally remember Construx. I had a bunch. Never kept them but I bet they’re on ebay. I built crazy big stuff with them. Funny, now I design and build steel structures in 3D digitally. Still love Legos too. I think kids totally need hands on physical toys. Have fun!

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