Food for Child

Feeding your child.  Important.  Required.

There are obvious differences in the roles mothers and fathers play in the household while raising children.  One thing is for certain however; your child must eat.

We are a baby formula household so that job can be shared by both me and my wife.  I have to say that feeding your child is one of the most rewarding (although often frustrating) tasks you can do as a parent.

“Evening times with a newborn can be a bit chaotic while trying to juggle feedings, diaper changes, laundry, dinner and even just saying hi to your significant other. One thing I’ve found helpful is to let Dad and baby have their cuddle time.” – Sarah Kulchar, 6 Moments You Need to Let Dad Have With Baby

In the early stages its going to allow you to spend some great time to be close holding your child.  You get to make a connection as provider to them as well.  They need you for EVERYTHING.  This is a time to give some of your time to them.

Eventually your child is going to grow up (way too fast!).  Solids will come into play.  You can watch them excitedly open their mouth as you spoon some strange fruit or vegetable goop into their mouth.  Of course you try not to make a yuck face as you encourage them to give this new taste a try.

You then get to watch them as they learn their hands and fingers, pulling a Cheerio up to their mouth, or a cracker.

Later on you get to see them make choices.  They can tell you they want “Piece” (peas), or “Crates” (carrots).

If you’re still in this stage, don’t let the time get by you.  You may soon be fighting a two year old about eating something he or she has loved for months!

I can only wait for the day when my son says he wants more “Dragon Roll” or “Creme Brule.”  But now is not that time. Now is the time for letting him have another spoonful of mashed sweet potato.  Or not worrying about a few cheerios stuck to his forehead as he experiments with getting food to his mouth.

Both my 7 month old and my 2 year old are messy eaters.  On the flip side, I’m a 10 napkin a meal kind of person.  You can see the anxiety this often lends itself to.

Take a tip from me.  Relax.  Get a case of baby wipes to clean things up with and do your best dad; help feed the kids!





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