5 Best Dadding Android Apps

What apps can’t you live without?  That favorite game?  Social media?  That amazing music streaming app?  These are the 5 apps that I can’t live without as a DAD.

  1. Google Keep Notes

    • This is my favorite app for keeping notes and making lists.  It allows you to easily add a collaborator.  This allows for more than one person to edit the note/list.  My wife and I use this for meal planning and for our grocery list!  It’s also great for quick notes and reminders that pop up when I’m too busy do anything but jot them down.  If you use Google Assistant you can “Ok Google” a note verbally as well.
  2. PBS Kids Play Games

    • Got a little one that needs some entertainment?  Need to deescalate an emotional child?  This app has a plethora of games and activities to keep your child occupied in those “help me!” moments.   Some are pretty basic for toddlers while others have a little more complexity for slightly older kids.  The favorites of my son are Sesame Street, Super Why and Daniel the Tiger.
  3. Instagram

    • No brainer here.  This is THE app for sharing and modifying pictures.  Many people like to use Facebook for sharing photos but Instagram is built precisely for pictures.  This is an easy and powerful app.  It seems to be less polluted with politics, advertisements and overall clutter that you find on Facebook.
  4. Mint

    • Raising kids is not cheap.  This app is my go to for keeping our finances in order.  You can securely add all of your debt, savings, and investment accounts and Mint keeps all of it organized together.  It can help you build budgets, monitor spending, alert changes in your accounts, and remind you of bills.  I use this app every single day.
  5. Baby Daybook

    • This app helped my wife and I keep our sanity after the birth of each of our sons.  You basically log on pees, poops, baths and feedings into the app.  Then we don’t have to ask each other, “when did you change his diaper last?”  Or “when was his last bottle?”  There is a paid no-ad version or you can stick to the free app that shows advertisements from time to time.  This app is very deep and can be used for as much or as little as you need for your child.


Got some suggestions?  I’m always looking to update and refresh my posts.  Comment and share your favorite app for dadding (or parenting in general) and I’ll take a look!


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